These school systems are intended to make the operation of routine but important tasks in schools streamlined and more efficient. We welcome feedback on their operation and especially suggestions for improvements or new functionality.

The system consists of a number of Modules that an Administrator can enable and that are then operated by Managers and other staff.

Modules include:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Health and Safety Audit
  • Safeguarding Audit
  • Compliance Audit
  • Development Plans
  • Ofsted Self Evaluation
  • Section 48 (SIAMS and Catholic) Self Evaluation
  • Site Room Audit
  • School Calendars
  • Website content utilities e.g. Curriculum publication

{primary} To get started it is first necessary to have a school set up! This can be done easily using the Register page for the main application.

{info} NOTE - schools using the system in groups (e.g. in a MAT) need to be set up centrally so that they are linked to others in their group.


  1. Register your school. As the registering user your account will be setup as the first Administrator. It is recommended that more than one account is an Administrator - but not too many should be! Administrators can do anything including remove other Administrators...
  2. Create a few other key users. Each user you set up will receive a welcome email in order to validate their email address. Don't invite too many people initially until you have the system set up ready for use.

{primary} If your school uses Microsoft or Google accounts for staff then these can be used to authenticate them for access.

This is definitely worth the effort to set up as it will ensure easy access for any new staff since their accounts are auto-created when they attempt to log in.

It also means that when they leave the school their access is revoked when their main school accounts are closed.

{info} We can also synchronise your users with your school Management Information System. Please contact us if you would like to do this.