Safety Audit - Overview


This module enables schools to keep track of key safety checks and actions.

  • Checks are organised as separate items within common areas that can be updated individually.
  • Updates can be to either confirm the checks are complete, to update the due date of the check or to record information relevant to the check.
  • Review dates are colour coded according to whether they are overdue, due within four weeks, or further ahead. image

Areas are updated by Safety Owners who by default are also assigned to each of the Safety Items in the Safety Area.

  • The owner of an area can, however, assign individual Safety Items to someone else provided they are a user of the system and that they have also been assigned the role of Safety Owner (or Safety Manager).

Users who have the role of Safety Manager can assign the role of Safety Owner to any other user of the system and can also assign ownership of all Safety Areas and Safety Items.

  • Safety Managers must be assigned by an Administrator.

There is also a role of Safety Viewer that can be assigned to any user of the system. These users can see the status of any Safety Area or Safety Item but cannot update them.

  • Any user who can view the Safety Audit can also print out individual or multiple areas.
Safety Manager Owner Viewer School Staff
Appoints owners Yes No No No
Appoints viewers Yes No No No
Assigns owners Yes No No No
Updates own items Yes Yes No No
Updates other items Yes No No No
Views own items Yes Yes Yes No
Views other items Yes Yes Yes No
Dashboard summary Yes Yes Yes No
Print reports Yes Yes Yes No
  • Users with access to the Safety Audit will have a panel visible on their Dashboard that summarises the status of all the safety items in the Audit.
  • For Safety Owners and Safety Managers this panel also indicates the status of the Safety Items that they "own".



All Safety Areas and Safety Items are initially marked as incomplete.

  • The Safety Owner assigned to each will receive an email once a week to remind them of Safety Areas and Safety Items that are Unapproved, Not OK or Overdue.
  • They will also be reminded if these are Due for review within the next four weeks.

The main Safety Audit page, accessed from the Dashboard lists all the Safety Areas with their Owners and a progress indicator showing the status of the Safety Items in that Safety Area. At the top of the page there is a button to access a list of all Safety Items, another one to Print a report of the status of all Areas and Items and, for managers, access to the Admin/Setup pages. image

Safety Items can be reviewed and updated either from here or from their parent Safety Area page. image

When marking a Safety Item as OK the Review Date will be updated to be one year on from the date of confirmation.

  • If, however, the Safety Item is Due for review within the next 4 weeks the date is updated to be one year from the current review date. The intention of this is that reviews can take place in a timely way before they are due but the review date does not creep earlier and earlier each year.
  • The review date can also be updated independently if it is necessary to change the annual review cycle or to check a Safety Item more often.

The name of the Safety Owner of each Safety Area and Safety Item is displayed next to it as a "mailto" hyperlink to facilitate quick communication if any queries arise.

In a coordinated group of schools (e.g. a MAT), some Safety Items can only be updated by the central Safety Owner. They still have locally set Safety Owners who will receive reminders about them so that they can be involved in the coordinated update of them.